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Traditions & Customs

Goa's laidback attitude and easy going lifestyle is mainly due to the easily adaptable Goan traditions and customs. Since the place has been ruled by different empires time to time, the customs and traditions have been molded according to their beliefs and thought patterns. This has led to the flexibility of the traditions and customs of Goa.

Though laws prevailing in the state are stringent, people go easy on traditional practices. The tradition of Goa is quite rich and possesses a unique legacy of different cultures.

Goa Traditions & Customs In Goa, tradition and customs have affected almost every aspect of the Goan lifestyle. One can see the typical Portugal custom of constructing a house. Churches are built in the traditional Portugal style. People are free to practice the religion of their choice and they respect the existence of other religions too. At the same time, they move ahead with the world and are in sync with the latest trends and beliefs. The traditions and customs of Goa have allowed secularism to flourish and have made people more tolerant towards other religious practices.

It is not uncommon to see people from another religion going to a church or a temple or a mosque. They follow the tradition of their choice and at the same time respect other customs.

This is what makes the Goans stand out in a striking contrast to the rest of India. The Goan tradition and customs have truly given a unique identity to the state and made it a role model for others.

Language and Religion

Konkani is the official language of Goa which is written in Devanagri script. The other main languages spoken in the state are Marathi, Kannada and Urdu. Gujarati and Hindi are also spoken by a considerable number of population of the state. Hinduism, Christianity and Islam are the three major religions followed in Goa. There are a few Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains as well living here.

The people of Goa are among the friendliest. The social outlook of the Goan is different. They love their music and simple musical instruments. The Goans work as musicians in restaurants and hotels and bars across the country and abroad because music comes naturally to the people and becomes part and parcel of their life. The festivals are also musical in nature and a great deal of dance, forms part of the carnivals which are celebrated on special occasions. An extravaganza of music and dance lasting several hours is witnessed by the people of Goa and the tourists who throng the state all the year round.

The people of Goa are also excellent chefs and some of them are celebrated employees of famous restaurants in India and abroad. Catering, dance and music combined with big business like production and export of iron ore and owning of fisheries and now the new bussiness of Casinos and the Tourism Industry makes Goa.

The Hindu tradition is equally strong, villages and towns reverberate with the sound of temple bells at the time of the worship in the morning, noon and evening. Goa is thus a state of Hindus and Christians. Here Konkani language is held in much reverence although Marathi is spoken and understand by many people.

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